Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WTF moment of the WEEK

I get a call yesterday from a nurse returning my call.  It goes like this.

Nurse Prompt: Calling you back on a PA request for Mrs. Needy.

Me: When did I leave you that message? (I knew it have been awhile and I was testing her...)

Nurse Prompt: *shuffles pappers*: November....

Me: Yea, I gave up hope, the patient gave up hope...I called the office ATLEAST a dozen times...what is prompting a callback now?

Nurse Prompt:  I just got the message...

Me: *thinks to ok...*

Nurse Prompt:  Will you re-send the P.A. info over?

Me:  Sure thing.  I aim to please.

The P.A. was approved within 4 hours.  How hard was that??

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