Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pharmacy Customs

Every month we have a food day to celebrate everyones birthdays that month.  It is usually pot luck.  Sometimes we have a theme, sometimes not.  I have a really hard time with these events because I have OCD pretty bad.  I know most of my coworkers are clean.  I can tell by their personal hygine.  But their level of clean and my level of clean are different. 

I have struggled with these events since the get go.  I am usually the last to eat so I can pick at the food and eat very little if I feel it is questionable.  This is not something I can help.  This is not me being a jerky catty female.  This is me dealing with something I have struggled with since childhood.

I have been seen and treated with antidepressants for my OCD without much luck.  It just made me kinda numb to the other parts of my life so we discontinued them.  I now just deal with them.  Since my stroke, some aspects of my OCDs have improved.  Cracks in sidewalks/streets don't bother me.  Little wierd things like that have gotten better.  But I still have some major obsession issues like if I wake up in the middle of the night, I cant just go back to sleep with out reading first. I read over 250 books last year.  (This causes alot of lost sleep.)  I sometimes compulsively wash my clothing twice just so I know it is clean.  I smell it before I dry it.  I only use tide.  No sketchy cheap stuff.  Only use Bounce.  No sketchy cheap dryer sheets.  My husband is useless and only gets to was his own clothes.  He knows I will rewash my own.  If I use silverware at other peoples houses I almost always rewash it. (I dont trust them.)

I can stand my clutter in my home library.  But I cannot stand clutter at work or any where else around my home.  It suffocates me.

Anyways, back to the topic.  Sketchy food.  Who to trust.  And people make some wierd stuff too.  Then they wanna pass out their recipes like they have a gem. Guh!  The owner made some wierd cheese ball.  I sat next to her so I had to eat some but I have no clue what kind of cheese it was.  Wierd. I might be sick the next food day.

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