Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So if you f*ck up and order the wrong drug in and add it in to inventory and I fix it then don't cop some bull shit attitude with me because you messed up. Ever.  I will let it pass one time.  Next time I will school you very harshly and you may cry.  I am over dealing with bitch attitudes all the time.

Our PIC and only full time Pharmacist quit so that will be interesting.  In one week, hopefully we have a replacement.  I hope we get a old vetern that will not take any shit from these bitches.  I am so over it.


  1. Oh wow, the PIC probably quit before the place went up in flames. That's crazy. Keep your head up and try not to let them stress you out too much, it seems to be inevitable at this point.

    1. Yes, they are stressing me out. Two of them are petty jerks. I refuse to give them the satisfaction of running me off. I really enjoy my job besides those to small town asses. Hopefully this new manager will have a spine and will set them straight.