Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here's what technicians shouldn't do...

Tecnicians should never recommend any OTC products to customers EVER.  NEVER EVER.  Even if we know the answers, it should not cross our lips.  I am a pretty educated and smart person BUT I do not have a RpH or PharmD after my name so I know better.  But this other tech, she will go out there and start recommening products left and right.  Cough and cold for children under 3.  Sure why not.   40 year old man with cold symptoms: sudafed...I'm like really???  You didn't even look at his profile or talk to a pharmacist about his medical problems.  She asked him if he had high blood pressure.  He said no.  But the next day he filled medicine for high blood pressure! 

This same tech also councils patients on medications.  I don't think she has even been to college let alone Pharmacy school.  Aparently she had some people in the community convinced she is a Pharmacist.  She never wears her name tag that says she is a tech!   I am so frustrated!  We have already had a meeting about her behavior.

We are an independant pharmacy owned by an non pharmacist so I doubt she will get fired for her bullsh*t.  But I get so tired of it.  The PIC is tired of it but he is a non confrontationalist who needs to grow a back bone!  Any suggestions?


  1. Dude, WTF? Are you serious? X_x; (This is Aa-chan from AIRPH, in case you're wondering. :3) The only techs at my workplace are me and another, and, under no circumstances, are we allowed to counsel. If a State Board person comes in and sees that, we're all fired and fined. Heck, when Allegra went over the counter, we weren't even allowed to tell customers that their MD prescribed Allegra when they brought in a prescription for it; we immediately got the pharmacist.

    As for your dilemma... Dunno what state you live in, but you could send an anonymous letter to/anonymously call your state board of pharmacy, saying you're witnessing her counseling, and she almost took someone's life because of it. They'll probably conduct an investigation, and maybe fine her heavily. That would get her to wear her Tech nametag, I'm sure. ^_^;

  2. She is a jack-hole. In our state we cant be fined personally. But our store can be. So if I turned her in and got us fined it would jsut stir shit up for me so it jsut isnt worth it.