Thursday, February 2, 2012

NEW Manager

We have a new manager starting hopefully March 2nd.  I am glad.  I didnt realize all this time my old one hated me and was basically plotting against me.  Monday we had a meeting: the owner, the manager, and the 3 techs because we have been having all these issues.  And that asshole basically went against everything he told me in our meetings we had, flipped the script on me, turned things around on me and made me into the bad guy.

If he was going to do that.  Why not tell me face to face that he was a chicken shit bastard.  Why tell me that he felt like I was being wronged.  Why not speak up and tell me he has issues with me when had a chance.  Coward.  I am glad he is gone.  He said I made him mad one day because after we got a new print cartridge and  we changed it the first page printed out completly black.  I made a joke about it.  He said that pissed him off for several hours.  HOURS.  Are you kidding me.  Grow the fuck up!

Glad he is gone and in another state.  Peace dude!

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