Saturday, November 12, 2011


We have quite the assortment of customers.  They range from the super sweet lady who sends us gift baskets every few months to the gentleman to from time to time demands us to delete all his information from our computers because he is going to walmart.  (He always comes crawling back.)

First let me tell you about our pharmacy.  We have charge accounts.  I know, blew my mind at first too.  Mainly started opening them for people in our Long term care facilities then extended the benefit to other customers.  It is a pain in the ass.  We also have delivery.  Free delivery.  This is for shut ins and those with out cars but it too have become abused.  We also have DRIVE THRU!

So, the majority of the town knows about our delivery and if they are too lazy to move they call to have it delivered.  And they also know we have charged accounts.  We no longer open new accounts but people still ask.  When they cannot come up with their $3 medicaid copay, they wanna charge it til their check comes.  How does that work?  In the real world we have to figure out how to make our money last.

We also have some really old people who still DRIVE.  B is 95!  She is getting more and more confused.  And she has almost ran me off the road twice.  She also thinks her family members are stealing her drugs when she misplaces them.  It is sad to see.

Then Mr. and Mrs. W come through the drive through backwards.  They are going to cause a major accident one day.  The pharmacy manager needs to grow some balls and tell them to stop.  They will cut infront of 5 cars going the wrong way!  Then backout.

And what is it about aging that kills the sense of smell?  Some of our old people come in so ripe they we have to spray air freshner after they have left!

Then we the the needy customers who have to talk to the pharmacist everytime!  Or those who ask what they need filled everytime.  You take the pills, how do you not know?

We bubble pack a few of our community customers medications.  S loves getting shiney new bubble packs full of meds, so much so that she will reorder then as soon as she can and throw out the remainder just to get the full cards. 

Pharmacy is funny.  So many characters pass through our doors...

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