Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Blog

Hey, Everyone.  Smartie Tech here.  My first blog, first post ever.  I decided to start this blog because I read many medical and pharmacy blogs.  I really enjoy the insight and the stories and being able to relate from a personal and professional prospective.

A little back ground on me:  I am a 8+ year pharmacy tech veteran.  I love everything about my job. (Except maybe the people but I am sure we will get to that more later.)  I love the science and continued advancement of pharmacy.  I love and hunger for the knowledge that this field offers.  I love being a part of a team of people that make peoples lives better everyday.  I feel like I have a very dynamic and important role in many peoples lives in the community.

Why, you ask, am I just a tech when I so clearly love and respect this profession?  It is simple and complicated at the same time.  I have a brain tumor.  (Stable.)  That is the simple.  The complicated is several years ago I had a stroke (in my pharmacy) that massively changed and altered my life.  At the time, because I was thinking with a damaged brain I thought I was fine and went back to work immediately.  I literally left the hospital and went to the pharmacy.  Looking back, now I can see how bad it was and how far I have come.  It scares me how much one day, one momet can radically alter the course of my life.  Even now, years later, when I am have a particularly bad migraine...I fear another stroke.  So, moral of the story:  I am scared.  I am scared to ruin my 4.0 college GPA.  I am scared to fail at something I was so perfect for before.  But mostly I am scared of the failure.

So for now, I will stay in my comfort zone and not continue my goal of becoming a pharmacist. 

Now, A little about my job and my pharmacy.

I am a nationally certified pharmacy technician.  I know, that doesnt count for much.  I dont get any added bonuses or respect.  It was a professional accomplishment I got after my stroke for myself.  I work in a independant community pharmacy.  We are staffed by 1 full time and 2 part time pharmacists.  There are 3 of us techs total and we dont get along.  It is not always a plesant work environment.  1 tech mostly counts all day.  1 girl does DME billing and nothing counts.  I am in charge of our LTC (long term care) facilities, outdates, recalls, social media, clozapine registry..basically anything important. 

My pet peeves are:  lazy chatty coworkers, medicaid abusing lazy people and narcotic abusers.  As well as about a billion other thing!


  1. Welcome to the blog world TI! The toughest thing is to just start writing posts and jumping into the whole blogging world but you're already past the critical first step. There aren't as many pharmacy technician blogs so I'm looking forward to reading your perspective on community pharmacy. And good luck with your co-worker issues/problems. It sounds like things are tense over at your pharmacy.

  2. I really appriciate the comment adn the support! I basically read alot of your blogs anyways and needed a place to vent, so I figured I would create my own blog, even if I am the only onw who ever sees it!